Frequently Asked Questions

Are all split pieces in the Chop Shop compatible with all other nendoroids?

While almost all humanoid Nendoroids have similar proportions and scale, not all parts are 100% compatible, unfortunately.  Nendoroid faceplates have evolved over the years so that some will require minor modifications to work with hair or accessories designed for the other style.  Nendoroids number 30 or earlier are not super compatiable with one another or newer Nendoroids.  Nendoroids pre-300 had their neck joint attached while after 300 almost all humanoid nendoroids had their neck joints as a separate piece we call a ‘faceplate neck joint’ that holds the little neck joint in place and let’s you slide various faceplates on and off.  Sometimes mixing and matching the pre300s with the post300s means the neck isn’t a tight fit or you need to cut some of the flashing off of the sides of the piece.  In general, these issues can be fixed fairly easily and the Nendoroid usually looks fine for display or photography but may not be as sturdy as one with all modern parts or all older parts, which are usually more easily compatible with one another.

If you are ever considering a purchase of pieces and need advice about compatiblity feel free to reach out to us.  We will try to email you back within the next 36 business hours to help you out.

I don’t live in the states and the shipping to me is really high.  Can you recommend any shop like yours elsewhere in the world?

No, as far as we know we are the only English language e-store focusing on the sale of Nendoroid split pieces.  Most stores stick to selling complete Nendoroids either new or preowned or, sadly, bootlegs.  The good news is that we now offer ‘Chibi Cache’ which is a hold-order program that allows you to group all your orders in a 30 day period and have them ship together.  This is particularly helpful for those who are having to pay for international shipping as it means you can order many items even items that aren’t all available at the exact same time and only have to pay for shopping once.  To learn more about the Chibi Cache program click here:

What do I do if the part I want is not currently available in the Chibi Chop Shop?

If the part is out of stock, simply enter your email in the 'notify me when back in stock' field on the item's webpage and you will automatically receive an email when the item is back in stock.  If the item you are looking for is not part of our current or out-of-stock inventory, feel free to email us letting us know what you piece you are seeking.  We cannot guarantee that we will get it in stock but we will mke every effort to keep an eye out for it. We unfortunately will be unable to reach out to let you know if it becomes available in most cases unless we happen upon one shortly after your inquiry or happen to remember the exchange because we just get so many requests every week and such a huge influx of parts that it makes more sense just to list what products are being split soon by way of our newsletter than it is to reach out one by one. This gives us more time to list even more items.

Where do the split pieces in the Chibi Chop Shop come from?

All of our split pieces are imported directly from Japan or purchased from Good Smile Company certified distributors or from the personal collections of other collectors.  Their authenticity is guaranteed.  One of the reasons we founded the Chibi Chop Shop was to encourage the use of authentic pieces when mixing and matching and customizing Nendoroids.

Right now you only have Nendoroid pieces.  Do you plan to carry obitsu bodies, cu-poche, etc.?

Yes, while Nendoroids tend to have the highest demand we will be carrying some cu-poche.  We will also be adding split parts from the Nendoroid Doll line as they become available from the distributor we work with.  You can expect to be seeing this inventory expansion in April or May of 2019.

Why does it seem like some parts are always in stock and others aren’t?

Supply and demand plays a major factor.  Certain pieces like eyeglasses, nifty faceplates, and weapons tend to sell fast while other things take longer.  In addition, the rarity of the figure the parts come from play a factor.

Why aren’t all the faceplates the same price?

Some Nendoroids cost more than others because they are rarer or more sought after.  In addition, some Nendoroids only have a few pieces that are in high demand and the rest of the figure isn’t very desirable.  This is reflected in the price.

Where is the Chibi Chop Shop located?

Our warehouse is located in Portland, Oregon, USA the home of microbrews, well-known athletic wear companies, legalized canabis use, Voodoo Donuts, food carts galore, tiny houses, and a kazillion anime fans.  It’s a good place to be an otaku, but even here in Portlandia we don’t have a decent brick and mortar figure store.  There is a big plus side to us being in Oregon, though, it means none of our customers have to pay sales tax on their purchases, because here in wacky Oregon we have no sales tax.

When will the parts I ordered ship?

Everything in the chop shop is in stock at our warehouse in Portland, Oregon.  There’s no waiting for things to arrive or be dropshipped from Japan.  We usually ship out within a couple business days.  Some more things to know about our shipping methods:  all orders are shipped using the United States Postal Service and include tracking and your order will be packed with care.  One of our pet peeves is poorly packaged items so we will always go the extra mile to wrap and protect your items for shipment.

I’m wanting to get into customization, but I’ve never done anything like this before.  How can I learn techniques used to customize figures?

Talking to other customization enthusiasts will help get you started.  Also, YouTube has a lot of great videos about customizing dolls and amiibos with techniques that may work for chibi figures as well.  There is also a Facebook group specifically dedicated to customization and mods of nendoroids.  There you will find lots of folks at every skill level modifying not only figures but also creating one of a kind habitats for their figures.

Does the Chibi Chop Shop buy preowned figures?

We primarily buy mixed lots of chibi split parts, incomplete figures, or figures missing their boxes.  Due to the higher value of complete, pristine figures it is often cost prohibitive for us to purchase them from other collectors for the purposes of splitting, but you are welcome to contact us if you have something you think we might be interested in.

Please be aware that figures of questionable authenticity will not be purchased, so if you’re interested in selling to us be prepared to provide proof of your items' authenticity.  For more information about selling your split parts or figures click here: