Sell your Chibis!

Looking to clear out some split pieces you didn't end up using or some complete Nendoroids you no longer want, but looking to do it without the hassle of listing them yourself on auction sites or figure buy/sell/trade groups?

We buy Nendoroids and figures from other similar authentic Japanese figure lines like Cu-Poche and Chibi Arts.  Items we are most highly seeking are lots of Nendoroid or Nendoroid Doll split parts, unboxed figures, or accessories that are of the scale to work with Nendoroids or Cu-poche figures to create dioramas and displays.  Please note that we do not purchase fixed position chibi figures- only pose-able ones.

Items in high demand are animals, eyeglasses, chibi-style faceplates, bodies with casual clothing, and the type of items we all use in our daily life, like cellphones and computers, housewares, umbrellas, and other harder to come by accessories.


How to Sell

- Lay out your items on a table or floor and take a few photos of everything you wish to sell. Get close enough to show any damage the figures might have

- Only photograph each item once, overlapping shots of the same items will confuse us as to what the lot contains

- E-mail us the pictures or post and send us links so we can review your lot

- We will review what you have and make an offer for the lot if it is something that we are interested in.


Payments and Shipping

- We make payments via PayPal goods and services which protects us and allows us to make the payment immediately after agreeing to a price.

- Any fees for shipping and PayPal fees are the seller's responsibility and are factored into our offer (we usually include a little extra to help cover shipping).

- All shipments must be packed carefully to prevent damage.

- Tracking information should be provided either by email or on the PayPal receipt.


Things to Keep in Mind

- International lots should be larger in size in order to maximize on shipping charges. If we are paying shipping fees, we need to ensure that the lot is sizeable enough to absorb the cost of that when we split the lot to sell. So generally we like to see larger lots from international sources.

- We generally estimate our offers based on half of what we would list the items for on our site.

- It may take us a week or so to get back to you, especially if it happens to be a big replenishment week for us, so if you haven't heard back in a week, reach out to us with a reminder e-mail.

 - Unless something is sealed new in box, sellers are welcome to break down and throw out the box and packaging and repack the nendoroid parts in order to reduce shipping costs.

E-mail pictures and item list to and allow us a few days to get back to you with an offer! If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us and ask, thanks!