Hold Order Service

Welcome to the Chibi Chop Shop's Hold Order service!

Are you a Nendoroid shopper who adds stuff to your shopping cart in hopes it will still be available when the next batch of awesome items comes in so you can make one big order and save on shipping just to find some of the parts you wanted before already sold? Are you an international customer wanting to maximize shipping cost savings by ordering more items but the exact spread of items isn't in stock all at the same time?

Well, fear no more because Chibi Chop Shop offers a Hold Order program. The way it works is simple;

1- Sign up for our Hold Order Program by purchasing a Membership For $1 per month here: (Hold Order Program Membership)

2- Log in to your account and place orders whenever you like. Choose "Hold Order" as the shipping method during checkout. Place as many orders as you like over time without paying shipping costs up front.

3- When you are ready to have your orders shipped, simply access your account page to review your orders.

4- Click on "Hold Order Management".

5- Select your desired shipping address and click "Get Shipping Rates" This will automatically add the weights and the dollar value of all hold orders you have placed prior to this ship request and apply any applicable shipping discounts (see below for discount details).

6- Select your desired shipping method and click "Request Shipping".

7- Continue checking out like normal


That's it! All hold orders which you placed prior to the shipping request order will be included and marked as fulfilled in your order history page once the Hold Order shipment has been processed. Any orders that have not yet been pulled when you submit the ship request will still show as "unfulfilled" but have been added to the calculation for shipping and discount and will show as "fulfilled" in your order history once they are pulled, and will be included in the ship request shipment.

Any orders placed after the ship request is submitted will NOT be included and will go into a new Hold Order cache once the ship request is fulfilled. We cannot re-process ship request orders once they have been placed and cannot combine orders added after the ship request was made.


Shipping Discounts:

The Hold Order program offers discounted shipping rates! For every $50 you spend in combined order value, you will get up to $5 off on shipping. So if your total Hold Order cache is worth $112.50 for example, you would get $10 off your chosen shipping rate cost. So if your shipping for priority mail is $12.72, you would only pay $2.72 for priority mail shipping. If your value were $153 for example (up to $15 off), you would get free shipping.


Things to remember:

  • Make certain you are LOGGED IN before adding items to your cart. This is how the system sees that you are a member and will offer you the Hold Order option at check out.
  • Items added from your wish list currently do not trigger the hold order option so make sure to add one item to cart from the general item page (click the item in wish list to go to the item page where you can add it to cart)
  • We do not automatically ship caches when they qualify for free shipping.
  • Placing standard orders with shipping will not trigger hold orders to ship with it
  • You cannot include new items and a ship request on the same order. Place all orders as hold orders, then submit the shipping request order after.
  • Held orders never expire as long as your Hold Order Program membership remains active. If you membership lapses, you have 30 days to request shipping. After 30 days we'll remind you and expect shipping to be arranged or your membership resumed. After 6 months, hold orders are considered Abandoned and store credit can be issued upon request, less the 10% restocking fee.
  • Requests to refund items from a current cache will have a 20% fee imposed due to the extensive inconvenience of identifying items in the cache and potentially making adjustments to multiple orders. We will allow a one time request as a courtesy but after that the fee will apply.
  • We make every effort to send reminder emails periodically to all hold order customers to make sure people stay up to date on their caches.
  • Shipping discount credits apply at time of shipping request and any unused credit does not carry over.

See our Terms and Conditions page for full information on the Chibi Cache program and other policies.