Sell Your Stuff!

: We are making offers on a first come first served basis whenever we have inventory funds available to make purchases. Bear in mind it may take us some time to get back to you. Please only reach out to let us know if you are no longer looking to sell, otherwise this could put your submission at the end of the line.


CURRENTLY NOT BUYING: Haikyuu!! or Demon Slayer figures. NO VALUE will be added for these items.


Looking to clear out some spare parts you didn't end up using or some complete Nendoroids you no longer want, but looking to do it without the hassle of listing them yourself on auction sites or figure buy/sell/trade groups?

We buy Nendoroids and figures from other similar authentic Japanese figure lines like Cu-Poche, Co-De, and Chibi Arts.  Items we are most highly seeking are lots of Nendoroid or Nendoroid Doll split parts, unboxed figures, complete in box items, or accessories that are of the scale to work with Nendoroids or Cu-poche figures to create dioramas and displays. We are not currently purchasing any general anime merch or prize/scale figures, etc.

No collection is too large be it a $100 lot from a nearby fan or a $10,000 offer on a huge collection of several hundred Nendoroids from the other side of the planet. We're almost always willing to buy and we generally aren't picky as long as the items are authentic, in good or better condition and not something we are vastly overstocked on. 90% of inquiries get an offer.

PLEASE NOTE: We only purchase 100% authentic products, so please ensure all offered items are authentic and that photos are clear so we are able to verify authenticity. If any item purchased ends up being a bootleg, we will reach out and expect the seller to compensate for the invalid item. We will ship the item back if desired, otherwise it will be disposed of or used for educational purposes and not resold.

Additionally, please DO NOT submit us any list of items that you are actively selling on other platforms. Please wait until you are satisfied with the sales you are going to make there before sending us a list of what you have left. It is exceedingly difficult for us when we reply to an offer for an entire lot just to have someone then respond with revisions on items that have been removed.

How much will we pay?

For complete in box items we typically pay about 75% of the current going low rate for items on other E-commerce sites. For loose parts we typically price lots by the following guide:

  • Hairs: $10
  • Bodies: $5
  • Faceplates: $3-$5
  • Accessories (small $2-$4)
  • Accessories (medium size/small companions ($3-$5)
  • Vehicles/Mounts/Large companions (prices vary ~ $10-$20)
  • Additional amount added to offers for shipping (varies)

 How to request an offer

  • Lay items out on a table or the floor so each part is visible. Get as much as you can into a single shot as possible. If they are boxed items, simply pile the boxes so the bottoms are showing the number clearly.
  • Avoid repeat photoing of items, this confuses our monkey brains and slows down the pricing process.
  • Do not photograph each bit and piece separately, parts can be grouped together and it makes it easier for us to assess.
  • List all nendoroid name and numbers in your message for any whole items being sold. You don't need to itemize loose parts.
  • Note any damages in your message if there are any.
  • Submit the form.

Payments and Shipping

  • We make payments via PayPal goods and services which protects us and allows us to make the payment immediately after agreeing to a price.
  • Any fees for shipping, insurance, and PayPal fees are the seller's responsibility and are factored into our offer (we usually include a little extra in the offer to help cover these costs). When we say "We'll pay X dollars shipped" that means we give you X dollars and you are responsible for all costs to get it to us.
  • All shipments must be packed carefully to prevent damage. Loose hairs should be individually wrapped, face plates grouped together, separate from other parts and all put into baggies wrapped up in paper or bubble wrap. You DO NOT need to bubble wrap and tape up every individual piece (that actually increases the chance that we will damage it trying to get the packing off and takes forever to unpack). The goal is to keep parts from rubbing and hitting against each other in shipping. Any damage sustained during shipping due to improper packing will require a re-assessment of the offer value and you may be asked to refund a partial amount of what was paid or accept less if we are post paying or giving store credit, so please review the details above to ensure things are properly packed.
  • We ask that if possible, once all parts are grouped and protected that each figure's parts be bagged or wrapped up together and labeled with the nendoroid number, this greatly helps us quickly process the lots.
  • Shipments must be sent in a box not padded envelopes.
  • Packages must be padded or packed tight enough to prevent parts from rattling around in the box. If loose part shipments come with inadequate packaging (i.e. parts freely rattling around in the box) we will reduce our payment according to the damages to occur.
  • E-mail us back with the tracking number once the item has been shipped.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • We generally prefer at least the equivalent of 2-3 figures worth of parts to make shipping cost worthwhile. Smaller lot value will get eaten up in shipping costs, so you end up losing money.
  • International lots should be larger in size in order to maximize on shipping charges. If we are offering with some shipping fees in mind, we need to ensure that the lot is sizeable enough to absorb the cost of that when we split the lot to sell. So generally we like to see larger lots from international sources. (at least 3 or 4 Nendoroid worth of product.)
  • It may take us up to a week or so to get back to you, especially if it happens to be a big replenishment week for us, so if you haven't heard back in a week, reach out to us with a reminder e-mail.
  • If the item is incomplete, sellers are welcome to break down and throw out the box and packaging and repack the nendoroid parts in order to reduce shipping costs.
  • We are running a business which is the primary source of income for our family, so we must be able to turn a reasonable profit on these items. So please have the expectation that we cannot and will not be offering the going rates on eCommerce sites. Our offers are negotiable, so if you are not satisfied with the offer we present, feel free to make a counter-offer and we'll consider it. We won't always negotiate, but sometimes there is some wiggle room depending on the lot and its desirability.
  • The major benefit of selling to us, other than helping to support a small family business, is that you can sell your ENTIRE lot in one fell swoop with payment in full up front all to one address without having to fuss with multiple buyers or having to communicate and ship to multiple people and maintain your listing photo on other collector sites as items sell off over time.