Empty Box Request

We are now accepting empty box requests!

Instead of keeping a stockpile of random boxes in case someone is looking for a certain one, we are instead keeping a database of specifically what you are looking for! Just submit the form below with Nendoroid name and number, and we'll get back in touch with you if a good condition box becomes available.

  • Boxes are $5 each plus shipping or $8 total if included in an existing order or cache.
  • All boxes will be in good condition or better and will include the plastic shells and the booklet if available.
  • Submissions require an existing, established customer account.
  • All submissions require a Nendoroid number and name.
  • Only one box request per submission please! (multi-item requests will be deleted)
  • When boxes become available we will reach out on a first-come, first-serve basis. If no response is made and all potential interested people have been contacted with no response we will dispose of the box and delete the requests in question.
  • Customers have 48 hours to respond to outreach emails in order to secure the item.
  • We will issue a system invoice for payment, sent by email (check spam folder if you don't see it come across). Customers have 3 days to make payment or the order will be canceled and any other customers requesting the box may be contacted, or the box disposed of.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that you add the address boxrequests@chibichopshop.com to your email white list, as our responses will almost certainly end up in your spam otherwise.

NOTE: Once we check the list of box requests and don't find anyone who wants it, the box is broken down immediately. So posting requests for boxes in response to our latest listings will not result in getting a box until the next time we split some. So always try and get your needed box requests in as early as you can, so we can have it on file to reach out when the Nendoroid comes in. Thanks.