About Condition

Since we sell new and used items, condition will vary from item to item. We rate the condition on every item we list which ranges from Mint condition to Poor condition. Going to an individual product page will allow you to select which condition variant you would like depending on what we have available in stock. Each product page will show the basic condition guideline which links to this page where we will outline in more detail.


We got it sealed in box and it was never opened before we split it. They will be blemish free other than possible rare manufacturing flaws. Unless the flaw is significant, it will still be sold as mint condition but will usually be indicated on the variant that there is a manufacturing defect (ex: Mint - slight over paint along edge).

Very Good:

these items are in excellent condition and have no visible flaws. They are like new or mint condition other than the fact that their boxes were already opened. In most cases items of this condition grade are just as good as Mint, but we don't claim them as mint because they have been opened previously.


Items of Good condition may have some minor blemishes such as a small scuff, scrape or minor paint transfer. They may have some slight damage like a very minor chip or worn part. All told most flaws are not very noticeable and are minor. Many can be fixed with magic erasers or very fine light sanding or some spot touch up painting if you have the talent. Usually these items only have a couple of the flaws listed here on any given item.


These items have some more significant damage such as severe scuffs or scratches, paint transfer or damaged or missing parts. Some of the damage can be recovered with a bit of cleaning and modification work, but collectively these items have more damage that may remain after rehabilitating them. These items are still passable for display in most cases and are great for customization.


Poor items have been severely damaged. They may have deep scrapes, broken or missing parts, major paint damage or discoloration which cannot be rectified. These items are sold as-is and cannot be returned and will almost always have a brief indicator on the condition variant to tell what the issue is (ex: Poor - scratch through eye paint, discolored plastic). These items are prime test and customization items as they are already in bad shape and are usually pretty low priced to get them to move. These are not collector or display quality in any way.


Note on stickiness

Nendoroids that have remained sealed in package will tend to become sticky over time, especially older Nendoroids. The parts cannot breathe inside the plastic shells and because of this, the venting plastic gets trapped inside and clings to the surface of the parts. This is a normal process sadly for figures that are never removed from the package. Like all other sellers and retailers, we do not factor in stickiness when determining condition and therefore a "very good like new in box: Nendoroid can still be severely sticky in some cases. If it's Mint in box, we have no way of knowing because it's never been opened, but any other condition complete in box Nendoroid we list, we will try and at least indicate on the condition variant for the item if it is sticky. We do not indicate stickiness on individual split parts. When we receive loose parts that are sticky we do try and soak wash them to reduce or remove the stickiness but unfortunately it's an impossibility with some figures to completely remove the stickiness.


Note on product photos

We DO NOT re-take photos every time a product is re-listed. With over 25,000 inventory items, that would be an insane task to undertake. Instead we try and picture the best quality representation of an item we have had in stock to show what the item contains. Therefore the condition selection and condition guide is what you should be looking at to determine the quality of that item, not the picture.

Additionally we may have variants of items listed which show more than the item contains. For example we may normally sell a sword and sheathe together, but may list an alternate product which is the sword only and this will be indicated in the title or in the condition selection (ex: "Saber Excalibur (SWORD ONLY)", or "Very Good (no sheathe)" ).