Chibi Cache! order hold service

Welcome to the Chibi Chop Shop's order hold service; Chibi Cache!

Are you a Nendoroid shopper who adds stuff to your shopping cart in hopes it will still be available when the next batch of awesome items comes in so you can make one big order and save on shipping just to find some of the parts you wanted before already sold? Are you an international customer wanting to maximize shipping cost savings by ordering more items but the exact spread of items isn't in stock all at the same time?

Well, fear no more because Chibi Chop Shop now offers a hold order program called Chibi Cache. The way it works is simple;

1- You make multiple orders over time and chose "Chibi Cache Hold Order Service" for the shipping method and pay for the merchandise itself.

2- We pull your orders and set them aside, ready to ship at a later time.

3- You can continue to make additional orders within any 1 month period from your first order, each using the Chibi Cache shipping method and we continue to stockpile your "Cache" of orders until you are ready to have us ship.

4- When you are ready for us to ship simply e-mail us with your name and let us know you are ready for us to ship.

5- We will pack and weigh your entire cache order and send you a payable invoice via e-mail for the cost of shipping (if applicable).

6- Click the pay now link which leads to the checkout and we'll get your cache on its way! Note that if your order dollar amount qualifies for free US domestic shipping, we'll simply pack and send your cache with no additional shipping fee!

It's as easy at that!



All orders added to a cache are subject to a $3 minimum order due to per transaction charges we incur which makes small item by item purchasing cost prohibitive for us to process.

Please note that as we have limited storage space, we will only hold Chibi Cache orders for a 1 month period. After the first order has been on hand for 1 month, all cache orders you have made to date will be automatically packed and shipped or invoiced for shipping when applicable.

Customers have up to 2 weeks to pay any invoiced shipping fees or Chibi Chop Shop will cancel and refund all Chibi Cache orders less a 10% restocking fee.

Any cancellation of individual products is also subject to a 10% restocking fee. We can only adjust orders to remove items upon request, but cannot add items to existing orders. Additional items should be purchased on the website to add them to your cache. We do not exchange items in already pulled caches.