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  • Availability: The estimated arrival date reflects the estimated month that the items will begin to be processed by the US distributors which is usually a few months AFTER Japan releases. It may take a couple months for the item to get to us from this estimated date.
  • Pricing: We list pre-order items at suggested retail provided by the distributor we purchase from. Once products are available, the list price may increase depending on supply and demand. When orders are placed, you pay in full up front.
  • Item listed with price: It's available for pre-order now! We keep items available for preorder longer than any other retailer typically does, so when they run out, we still accept preorders
  • Item shown with no price: Pre-ordering has closed for this item. We will have whole box items in stock later but they may reflect the current market price instead of the suggested retail.
  • Pre-order/in stock mixed orders: Orders placed which include preorder items WILL NOT SHIP until the preorder comes in stock. If you wish to have your in stock merchandise ship prior to the preorder arrival, they must be placed separately.