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Nendoroids have a wide range of skin tones which are not easily categorized and are not identified by Good Smile Co. We have tried to illustrate a good representative scale of typical colors ranging from very pale to very dark.

The joints labeled with a name and highlighted in bold black are official Good Smile Company skin tone designations. All the others are rated on our own customized scale.

All neck joints shown in group A (the bottom row) are gradient shades of yellow tones from pale yellow to golden (very common range)

All neck joints shown in group B (the second row up) are gradients of shades of pink from cream to sun tanned (very common range)

All neck joints shown in group C (third row up) are brown tones ranging from a pale toffee color to a chocolate brown. (fairly uncommon range)

All neck joints shown in group D (top row) are de-saturated, almost pastel toned tan colors (rare range of colors)

If you purchase a neck joint and wish it to match a skin tone from a body or face plate you also ordered, let us know in your order notes.

Please note that colors may have some variance and color of joints may vary depending on your screen.

Neck joint and peg for post-300 Faceplate

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Please note that with the exception of neck joints which are often used for scale reference and are not included, all photos represent the parts included in the item unless otherwise noted and do not necessarily represent the condition of the product itself. Use the condition guide to determine overall quality.

Skin tones are a guide only and may vary slightly depending on your screen settings and are not a guarantee of color match. We have gone to great lengths to provide a general guideline but be aware that some items may vary slightly even within the color designation as each nendoroid was produced with a specific tone and may even have slight variation between release runs. We also try and match quantities of neck joints purchased but they also may vary slightly. If you would like to have certain parts match, use the guide above or contact us to double check.