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PLEASE NOTE: Do not purchase other items on the same transaction as your initial membership purchase, hold ordering is only available AFTER the membership has been checked out and processed.


This $1 per month fee allows you to have access to our Hold Order Program where you can place several orders of any size over time and group them together to save on shipping. The $1 per month is basically a storage fee and service charge for handling your hold order cache.

This program also gives you access to discounted shipping rates at up to $5 off for every $50 spent on product, essentially allowing many orders to have free shipping, even internationally.



By purchasing this item you are agreeing to a monthly recurring charge of $1 until such time you request to have the membership canceled (see below).

Maintaining your monthly membership provides access and benefits indicated above but is not limited to the items listed and may change at any time without prior notice. Membership rates will never increase without prior notice. The membership rate of $1 per month will be billed automatically using the initial payment method processed when you submitted the purchase of your initial membership (see below for changing billing options).

As long as membership remains active, your hold order cache will never expire and you will continue to have access to discounted hold order shipping and the ability to add more hold orders at any time.

If your membership lapses due to cancellation or billing failure, you have up to 3 months to have the items shipped. After 3 months we will reach out with a reminder and expect the hold orders to be shipped or your membership resumed. Any items left in a hold order cache for 6 months are considered abandoned and the orders will be canceled with no refund. No further notification will be made. If you discover a cancellation on your hold orders has been made, we will issue a store credit upon request (less a 10% restocking fee).


Changing billing / Canceling Membership:

If you wish to have your billing information or payment method changed or your premier membership canceled, simply go to the account page and choose the "manage your subscriptions" option. You will continue to have membership benefits until the end of your current billing cycle but will no longer be billed.

If you cancel a membership and have current Hold Orders with us, you will still be able to submit a hold order ship request on the account page of the website under "hold order management". Once your membership period expires however, you will not be able to place any additional hold orders, though can still submit the  shipping request and benefit from discounted shipping rates.



Please note that all photos represent the parts included in the item unless otherwise noted and do not necessarily represent the condition of the product itself. Use the condition key above to determine overall quality.

Skin tones are a guide only and may vary slightly depending on your screen settings and are not a guarantee of color match. We have gone to great lengths to provide a general guideline but be aware that some items may vary slightly even within the color designation as each nendoroid was produced with a specific tone and may even have slight variation between release runs. We also try and match quantities of neck joints purchased but they also may vary slightly. If you would like to have certain parts match, use the guide above or contact us to double check.