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Shokaku of Kantai Collection (Kancolle)

Zuikaku of Kantai Collection, Kancolle

If Shokaku and Zuikaku were preordered together as a pair three bonuses were given.  One was their hands with interlocked pinkies (clasped hand part) and the other were elevated stand bases.  If preordered from a GSC Partner store a short and a tall 25 Hole Elevated Stand Base in a cloudy clear color was given (coordinates with a traditional Nendoroid stand).  If the pair was preordered directly from the GSC then the short and tall stand were a cloudy blue plastic so that they coordinated with the GSC Kancolle Bonus Stands.  Complete info is featured on the GSC site at this link,

621 & 622 -Shokaku & Zuikaku "Special Mission" Elevated Stand Bases (Clear Vers.) GSC Preorder Bonus for the Pair Together

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