Shipping and other Updates

Updated January 17th 2023

New Products On The Way!!!

After nearly a year of dealing with mistakes at the distributor, they finally are getting their act together and working with us to get long awaited items sent to us! See the newsletter for full details.

36 Nendoroid More: Dress Up Sailor

12 Nendoroid Houshou Marine

8 Nendoroid Swacchao! Aqua

12 Nendoroid Princess Sakuna

12 Nendoroid Itachi Uchiha: Anbu Black Ops Ver.

24 Nendoroid Yun Arikawa

12 Nendoroid Doctor

12 Nendoroid Miss Fortune

12 Nendoroid Somali

24 Nendoroid V

12 Nendoroid Wattson

12 Nendoroid Swacchao! Nobara Kugisaki

12 Nendoroid Vladilena Milize: Bloody Regina Ver.

24 Nendoroid Oozora Subaru

24 Nendoroid Jimin

30 Nendoroid Doll: Outfit Set (Souvenir Jacket - Black)

30 Nendoroid Doll: Outfit Set (Souvenir Jacket - Blue)

30 Nendoroid Doll: Outfit Set (Souvenir Jacket - Pink)

24 Nendoroid Doll Nezuko Kamado

12 Nendoroid Foreigner/Yang Guifei

12 Nendoroid Long Kui / Blue

12 Nendoroid Long Kui / Red

12 Nendoroid Sarasa Watanabe

12 Nendoroid Sally

6 Nendoroid Pelops II

72 The Simple Stand: Build-On Type (Translucent)

36 The Simple Stand: Build-On Type (Black)

12 Nendoroid Sylvanas Windrunner

12 Nendoroid Hatsune Miku NT

18 Nendoroid Kenma Kozume(3rd run)

6 Nendoroid Swacchao! Kagamine Len

450 Nendoroid More: Face Swap Good Smile Selection

12 Nendoroid Rosaline

12 Nendoroid Draluc & John

6 Nendoroid He-Man

12 Nendoroid Hatsune Miku: Maneki Miku Ver.

24 Nendoroid Gawr Gura

24 Nendoroid Traveler (Lumine)

12 Nendoroid Roxy Migurdia

12 Nendoroid Phoenix Wright

24 Nendoroid Miles Edgeworth

24 Nendoroid Keiji Akaashi(re-run)

20 Nendoroid More Bean Bag Chair: Rabbit (Pink)

20 Nendoroid More Bean Bag Chair: Rabbit (Purple)

24 Nendoroid Mikey (Manjiro Sano)

18 Nendoroid Soraru

12 Nendoroid Caster/Merlin (Prototype)

12 Nendoroid Hana Shirosaki

12 Nendoroid Noa Himesaka

24 Nendoroid Atsumu Miya(re-run)

24 Nendoroid Osamu Miya(re-run)

18 Nendoroid Xiao Ling

18 Nendoroid Diablo

24 Nendoroid Mei Kamino

36 Nendoroid Osamu Dazai: Dark Era Ver.

24 Nendoroid RM

24 Nendoroid SUGA

24 Nendoroid Doll: Outfit Set (Oshi Support Ver.)

36 Nendoroid Doll: Outfit Set (Lan Wangji: Harvest Moon Ver.)

36 Nendoroid Doll: Outfit Set (Wei Wuxian: Harvest Moon Ver.)

12 Nendoroid Sango

12 Nendoroid Futaba Igarashi

12 Nendoroid Geralt: Ronin Ver.

12 Nendoroid Eren Yeager(3rd-run)

12 Nendoroid Armin Arlert(3rd-run)

12 Nendoroid Shoto Todoroki: Stealth Suit Ver.

12 Nendoroid Joker: 1989 Ver.

16 Nendoroid Kokkoro

2 Nendoroid Donald Duck

12 Nendoroid Vladilena Milize

3 Nendoroid Batman: 1989 Ver.

4 Nendoroid Potato

36 Nendoroid Doll Gavin: If Time Flows Back Ver.


Preorder Info

If you have placed a preorder and are wanting to know when it will be in stock or shipped to you, please DO NOT inquire with us about it as we will have no additional information beyond this notice.

Firstly, our distributor has been terrible this year and is running 3-5 months behind the US release estimate, which is already about 3 months after the Japan release date. All products release in Japan and are shipped on the slow boat to the US and abroad for distribution, which takes a few months to arrive and to get warehoused by the distributors. The US distributor has been seemingly randomly picking items to send to retailers which means we could get a more recent item before we get something we expected months ago.

When another store shows that it has something in stock which you are waiting for from us it simply means that they are either located in Japan and get the item earlier than everyone else, are a MASSIVE operation who is allowed to bypass the distributor and order direct from Good Smile, or they just got lucky and had certain items pulled for their order before we did. Some other stores also purchase from other sources which may have gotten the items direct as well.

Rest assured that we will be getting your item in stock, and it has already been allocated to us, it's just a question of time. If you would like to cancel your preorder, please be aware that there is a 10% cancellation fee withheld and the refund can only be issued as a store credit if it was placed more than 60 days ago as our merchant processing company does not allow refund issuing after 60 days.

Any other questions concerning this which are not covered here or to arrange a cancellation (noting the requirements above), please feel free to reach out.

Error in shipping during checkout

If you are getting an error that states we cannot ship to your address, or that rates cannot be found for shipping to your address, just contact us and let us know what it in your shopping cart. This is an error caused by items not having a weight assigned and the shipping calculator kicking it out. We'll find the item causing the issue and clear up the weight issue so you can process your order.


  • Until further notice, no shipments can be made to Ukraine or Russia as all carriers have suspended service. Any orders or ship requests made will be put on hold. See USPS site for details
  • We now provide FREE insurance for all orders under $100 regardless of your chosen shipping method! Any order over $100 we still recommend purchasing the insurance addon found on any product page to cover your entire order for up to $500.
  • International customers are STRONGLY suggested to always purchase insurance as First Class International does not have any form of tracing service if the package becomes delayed or misplaced.

Hold Orders

As a reminder we still offer a Hold Order service which is now facilitated through a monthly membership signup of only $1. This storage fee allows your Hold Order Cache to remain active as long as you maintain the membership and gets you discounts on shipping of Hold Orders.