Shipping and other Updates

Updated February 26th 2024

Error in shipping during checkout

If you are getting an error that states we cannot ship to your address, or that rates cannot be found for shipping to your address, it's caused by one of two things. If this is happening late at night around midnight (give or take a couple hours) most likely the USPS server are resetting and not able to calculate. Our backup flat rates are not kicking in properly and we're asking our shipping management software people to look into it. Simply try and resubmit the order a little later.

If the problem is happening during the day or still happens after trying to submit the order again later, just contact us and let us know what it in your shopping cart. This is an error caused by items not having a weight assigned and the shipping calculator kicking it out. We'll find the item causing the issue and clear up the weight issue so you can process your order.

 Sorry for the inconvenience.


Preorder Info

Our customer preorder nightmare is nearing its conclusion and we have fulfilled almost all preorders remaining. We only owe a couple final customers their preorder items and are working to hunt down those last figures to fill your orders. I again want to apologize for the insanity of this long wait. Our distributor really did a massive disservice to us in their handling of preorders which can only be partly blamed on the pandemic and we've been scrambling to acquire mint items from various sources in order to honor our commitment to fill your preorders.


  • Until further notice, no shipments can be made to Russia as all carriers have suspended service. Any orders or ship requests made will be cancelled. See USPS site for details
  • We now provide FREE insurance for all orders under $100 regardless of your chosen shipping method! Any order over $100 we still recommend purchasing the insurance addon found on any product page to cover your entire order for up to $500.
  • International orders will now include insurance for free! This additional coverage ensures that your items are protected against loss or damage.

Hold Orders

As a reminder we still offer a Hold Order service which is now facilitated through a monthly membership signup of only $1. This storage fee allows your Hold Order Cache to remain active as long as you maintain the membership and gets you discounts on shipping of Hold Orders.