Programs and Promotions

All US based standard shipment orders get free shipping on any order over $50.

Customers utilizing the Chibi Cache Program (both international and domestic) will enjoy a $5 discount on shipping for every $50 spent. This discount is calculated automatically when requesting your cache shipment.

Our Chibi Cache hold order service allows you to buy merchandise and have us stock pile it in order to combine orders and save on shipping! Take advantage of our free domestic shipping promo across multiple small orders with this program and maximize the value on your shipping cost by combining several orders over time. This program is also great for International orders as it allows us to simplify all customs information into a single lump item (Used Toy Parts) with a more reasonable reported value so as to minimize excise and import taxes and you can qualify for free shipping as well!

Have left over parts or some extra full in box Nendoroids you no longer want? Well send us a picture and we'll make you an offer for it! Please note that for international customers, your item list will generally need to include 4 or more full Nendoroids worth of items or something that is highly sought after in order to justify us paying the international shipping.