Condition of the Split Pieces Carried by the Chibi Chop Shop

As we expand our inventory we are implementing a condition scale so that you will better understand the quality of the pieces you are considering purchasing.  Because we deal in parts some considered 'junk' by other collectors I've had to create a rating scale that I consider appropriate for our unique purposes here.  Please be aware that 'stickiness' on old nendoroids that have been left unopened in their original packaging is normal and only a transient issue as long as you know how to clean them properly.  (For more on stickiness keep an eye out for an upcoming blog post).

I'll be posting this condition scale on every item listing and in several places on the website over the next couple weeks, but here it is for you to take a look at now:

Mint: brand new from packaging- any ‘flaws’ are from the manufacturing of the item such as a messy paint line, etc.  Chibi Chop Shop will consider these normal as the item was shipped out from the manufacturer in this condition.

Very Good: these items have been pre-used.  They are still in great condition, but we know they were handled more than our mint pieces and, therefore, may have some minor scuffs or paint dings.

Good: May have a few minor flaws because they are used.

Poor: Contain one or more major flaws such as paint transfer, cuts, missing or broken pieces, etc.  These parts are ideal for customization but would not be considered of the quality a collector would normally desire.  In most cases any 'poor' condition piece will contain a brief description of the damage to the split part.

If you ever have questions about a particular piece reach out to us and we'd be happy to answer your questions.

Thank you for your support!

April Joy

Coming Soon!

Expect upcoming blog posts about the different kinds of nendoroid stands, the evolution of the nendoroid head, and bootleg identification tips.

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