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Covid has finally hit the household!

So we all got hit with a case of covid this week and so it may take us a day or two longer than normal to get orders out to you, so if you see your order sitting unfilled or unshipped for a slightly longer period than usual, that would be why. Rest assured we will get around to them as quickly as we are able in between naps :D

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New Filter System Update

Filter system update day 2; system is up and almost fully operational. All filter groups are accessible in all product categories and will show if there are any products in that category using the contained product tags. Selections within the same tag group will show items containing any of the selected tags, while selecting more than one tag between different tag groups will narrow your search to items containing both tags. We are still refining and migrating over old tags to match the new system so bear with us. Do note that the search feature also has the filter system integrated into it to make searching much easier as well.

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New search and filters

I just started the process of converting to a new filter and search result system so bear with us as we try and clean up the absurd number of old tags and get things more cleanly grouped. So please until another announcement is posted about the completion, do not contact us to let us know that the search and filter sections are not working as expected. They are going to look a little wonky until I find a fit that works.

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Nendoroid More Section updated

The Nendoroid more section had some tagging issues and not all products were showing there previously, so I've taken a broad stroke sweep and updated the tags so they are listing properly.

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Restock Arrivals and pre-listing notifications

Just got a collection of complete in box and mint in box items, over 100 figures, in and will be working this weekend to get a bunch of it up and running on the site. So make sure to come by and see as things are added to the new listings or back in stock sections.

Also added a bunch of new and missing preorder notification items so you can sign up for notice of when they are listed/split.

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BOGO Faceplates and more grab bags!

Our Buy one Get one half off sale on all face plates is going on now until the end of the work week. I've also restocked a handful of more grab bags and these ones have a wider array of faceplates and bodies than some of the previous bags so check em out.

Also as a reminder about Box Requests, please make sure that all emails from are allowed by your email program because we are finding a lot of our email responses about box availability are being ignored which tells me that our emails must be going to spam.

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20% off select boxed items and international insurance change

For the next 3 days we are doing 20% off select overstocked items.

As of Feb 23rd at noon, all international shipments are charged a $2 insurance fee and will be covered for any value of order. Due to Shopify's scummy practices of passing off insurance claims for orders they claim to cover, to USPS even when USPS will not allow submission of lost package claims for first class, we are opting to require insurance and provide it through Shipsurance ourselves. This will cover all loss, theft and damage that may occur.

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Hold order membership update!


We have updated the hold order system so that it will hopefully provide you the hold order option at checkout more consistently. Just make certain that you are logged in before you add items to your cart. If you have an active membership, it will flag your order so the shipping rate calculator will see your membership status and provide the hold order option.

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New items landed and more!

We just got a bunch of new stuff in stock from the distributor finally: Kokkoro, gawr gura, sylvanas, rosaline, Todoroki stealth suit, new face swap selections, miku nt, Kenma re-release, Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth. Keiji akaashi, Roxy migurdia, and traveler lumine!!! We also have another order finally invoiced which we should have in a week or so. Finally new products are flowing.

If you had preorders in for any of these items they have been sent out or added to your hold order caches!

Also in other news I added the "pre-listing notification" entries to the "Special Services" section of the website where you can sign up for notification of new products we have never before stocked, so signing up there you can be let know as soon as we have them listed.

Lastly, I've added a few more pre-listing entries to the list.

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Pre-listing, Wishlist and distributor order updates

Just added another huge batch of pre-listing notification listings so you can sign up to be notified as soon as an item is listed. I added a batch all the way through the current Good Smile site release notices page and will continue to fill holes as they become available and back track a ways to add photos and IP names to the listings for ease of searching.

Also we had the wishlist plugin updated so that it now shows the stock status on every item without having to mouse over it. Hopefully this will enhance the ease of use by letting you review your lists at a glance more easily.

Also we now finally have a couple tracking numbers for our recent orders the distributor is sending, so some items are officially on the way and we will have them in a few days. We'll post an update here and on instagram about what items are included.

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