Faceplate/neck Joint with Neck Joint for post-300 Faceplate

Good Smile Company


Standard neck joint with the modern nendoroid faceplate piece.

Condition: Good

Nendoroids just like people come in a variety of different skin tones.  Good Smile only really notes this if a nendoroid is 'cinnamon' or suntanned' for this reason it has been hard to decide how to describe the variants, especially while being sensitive to different races and creeds.  (I'm trying my best here.  LOL).

At this time Chibi Chop Shop has them split into five broad catergories: pale, standard(average or rosey), golden, cinnamon, and dark.

At this time, we do not have any cinnamon or darker joints or faceplate/neck joints in stock, but we will try to add them to inventory as soon as we can.  If you are buying the standard you can write in the notes section of the payment screen whether you would like one with a more rosey tone or the less-pink regular.