Covid 19 Updates

(Updated November 23rd 2020)

Supply Chain Interruptions

US Distributor:

Our US distributor has partially re-opened, but they are short handed and extremely backed up on fulfillment of stock items and preorder fulfillment. We are currently about 3-4 months behind on most slated releases but will announce when new items arrive.

Japan Sources:

Japan mail is starting to re-open and our most recent orders from there have seemed to come in a timely manner. We're paying more for shipping when Japan Post goes on shut down, but we still are able to get our large supply lots from Japan. The increase in shipping price may be reflected in slight increases in full products or certain items until normal service resumes.

Customer Figure Collections:

We continue to buy collections and lots no matter how large or small from everywhere in the world. If you have some extra items taking up space or need to free up some cash, reach out to us with a photo and description of what you have and we'll get you an offer ASAP. We pay via PayPal goods and services as soon as we agree on a price. You carefully package all the items and arrange for shipping to us under the agreed price and update us with the tracking info. Right now more than ever we are depending on supplementing our inventory with items people are selling and if the items offered are desirable, we offer a more generous price, given the necessity to expand the avenues through which we get items. So reach out today!

International Shipping

Many countries are currently refusing any shipments from outside the country, and USPS has decreased the number of flights to outside countries which is causing them to cease all deliveries to certain countries. We are observing the current USPS listings for these countries and will NOT ship packages out to any country which is listed as service suspended. For more information check out the USPS international service update page. Any packages which may be returned to us will be set aside and the customer will be contacted to find out if you would like us to keep the package on hold for you until the situation changes, or if you would prefer a refund. USPS has a refund request process we will undertake to recover shipping charges, so any refund for rejected orders will include shipping charges in this instance. As of the update date above, there are very few international disruptions currently so other than adding a potential delay, delivery should otherwise work as intended.

Order Turnaround Time

We personally deliver all orders to the post office every other day typically, but due to health concerns, we are minimizing our exposure and limiting our deliveries to twice each week (typically Mondays and Thursdays) until such time risk is considered minimal. Our order fulfillment time is about 24-48 hours to pull, pack and prepare the order. This means that depending on when your order is placed, it could take up to 3-4 days before it reaches the post office. We appreciate everyone's understanding and we are striving to meet all orders as quickly as possible.